Welcome To Forgebanks Snowshoes and Fairislebanks Bengals

Last Updated: 21/08/2015

Snowshoe kittens



(Benny, now with Jane, pictured above)


About us
Since I can remember we have nearly always had a couple of cats (loveable moggies) but when a friend introduced us to his pedigree Snowshoe, we fell in love with Angel.

 Snowshoe cats came into our lives in 2001 when we purchased our very first female Snowshoe Angel. They are still a rare breed originating from America in the 1960s and were a cross between Siamese and American Shorthairs. We fell in love with her piercing blue eyes and fantastic temperament!

The Snowshoe breed was trying to become affiliated in the U.K and we decided to follow the breed/show programme. Since then the Snowshoe has come on in leaps and bounds with a good number of breeders in the U.K. and championship status with Fife. The Snowshoe is currently at Preliminary level with GCCF with a view to move to Provisional. 

Bengals 'pounced' their way into our home in 2005. I had seen adverts for available Bengal kittens in various cat magazines and couldn't believe how stunning Bengals looked. I read around the Bengal breed, did my homework and eventually I purchased my first female Bengal with a view to show and eventually breed. We haven't  looked back since and Honey proved to be a fabulous mum.

 All of our cats are first and fore most pets, and they each have no more than one litter per year.

 Forgebanks Snowshoes are registered with Fife and Fairislebanks Bengals are registered with GCCF.

We are members of the Bengal Cat Club, The Snowshoe Cat Society and the Garden of England Cat Club.

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