Fairislebanks Bengals

Korshki Captain Jack Sparrow

Majestic Pride Sinatra X Bali-Bengal Chateau Margaux (Imp)



Jack is our Brown Spotted Bengal stud. He is a lovely boy, with a kitten-like nature!

He loves cuddles and playing with feather wand toys. Jack is a handsome lad, with excellent type. He has small ears, a broad nose and puffy nose leather, very strong and muscular body, long thick tail and beautiful rosetting with spots down to his toes! Many thanks to Andy and Trina for allowing us to have Jack.

We are looking forward to his kittens with our girls!


GCCF Champion Bambino Honeyedcharm

Ch. Millwood Xtreme X Bambino Goldcharm


Honey is our foundation queen. She has a beautiful head, gently sloping profile, broad nose, small ears! and a long thick tail. She has done extremely well on the show bench, winning Best Brown Spotted Kitten at the Bengal Cat Club Show 2005. Honey became a Champion and has won several Best of Breeds along the way. She is now enjoying her retirement.


Fairislebanks Tamerona

Starwinds Muzam Musang X Ch. Bambino Honeyedcharm


Tammy is from Honey's first litter. She is a brilliant character, very demanding and loves to sit on my shoulder! Tammy has small rosettes, good contrast between the spotting and ground colour and has a very wild look. She did well as a kitten at shows, winning two 1sts with BOB and two 2nds. Tam will be retired this year, and stay with us as Aunty to future kittens.


Fairislebanks Rochbelle

Starwinds Tulcana X Ch. Bambino Honeyedcharm


Charlie is from Honey's second litter. She is a large girl with a fun loving character. She has large rosettes with excellent contrast between the ground colour and spots. Charlie also has small ears, green round eyes and a broad muzzle with puffy whisker pads. From her first litter we kept Jeanie (pictured below) and from her second litter we have decided to run on two girls (Aggy and Pearl) also pictured below. She is now retired from breeding.


GCCF Champion Fairislebanks Billie Jean

Gogees Monet X Fairislebanks Rochbelle


Jeanie is from Charlie's first litter. She has a very sweet temperament, and enjoys showing. She has a wild look about her, enhanced by her beautiful round green eyes, small ears and broad whisker pads. She has a long body, with a lovely rosetted pattern, clear contrast and lots of glitter. Jeanie has followed in Honey's pawprints (her grandma) and is our first home bred Champion! Congratulations Jeanie! We look forward to kittens from her!

Jeanie has done very well on the show bench including:

FIFe - CAC, BIV,  and Nominated

Surrey and Sussex show - 3rd

East Sussex - 1st CC, red card day!

Cambridge Cat Club - 1st CC and Bedford and District - 1st CC (she did the double!)

Suffolk and Norfolk - 1st CC, BOB



Future Queens

We have decided to run on two kittens from Charlie's second litter, the first of Jack's daughters to be staying with us and we are very excited about them both!

GCCF Champion Fairislebanks Agapanthus (24/04/2012)

Agapanthus or Aggy, is a lovely brown spotted girl. We are looking forward to seeing how she develops with time, she already looks as if she is going to be large and has ample bone, gorgeous type and a beautiful pattern of rosettes and spots down to her toes.


Surrey & Sussex March 2013 - At only her second show and her first show as an adult, Aggy was awarded her first Challenge Certificate and was well placed in her side classes, well done Aggy!

Essex Cat Club April 2013 - Aggy did very well to win her second Challenge Certificate against some beautiful females in the Breed Class, we are very proud of her!

Suffolk & Norfolk and GCCF World Championship show May 2013 - Aggy was placed 3rd in her breed class in the Suffolk & Norfolk show, winning a side class, and we are very proud to announce that she was awarded her 3rd CC in the GCCF World Championship show making her a Champion (tbc) at just over a year old! She went on to win her two side classes and took the whole day in her stride. Congratulations Aggy! We are so proud of her and she is our second home bred Champion.

Essex Cat Club show in April 2014 - It was the first show that I had entered any of the girls into a Grand Champ class, and Aggy did me proud by winning the Reserve Grand Champion certificate!




Fairislebanks Black Pearl (24/04/2012)

We have also decided to run on Pearl who was a lovely surprise for us as she is the first brown marble we have bred! 

Like her sister, Pearl has very nice type, an interesting swirling pattern which we are looking forward to seeing change as she grows, and she has a great character!


Pearl (above) aged just 5 months and below at 1.5 years!


We have loved seeing how Pearl has grown up and how her pattern has developed over time. We are also thrilled with her beautiful type, wild expression and her fantastic character!


Bedford & District and Cambridgeshire Cat Club joint show April 2013 - Pearl was awarded her 1st CC! She doesn't enjoy being shown so instead she will stay at home and relax! We have had some lovely comments about her and hope that she will later produce some beautiful kittens.