Kittens Available

Contact Dawn at [email protected] or call 01689 811883 (after 7pm) for details about available kittens.

 A non-refundable deposit will secure the kitten/s of your choice. 


Snowshoe litters:

Glittakitz Oliver X Icycool Chibi-Chyoko 

We have two Snowshoe kittens available, one show pattern girl and one colourpoint boy - currently waiting to see if they will be blue or seal! They are doing really well.

This is a video of them with their mum Kizzy, aged 3 weeks and just exploring: Kizzy's kittens


New photos to follow as they grow and explore their nest!

Our kittens will be FIFe registered, have 4 weeks free Pet Plan insurance, have a 4 generation pedigree, vet checked, treated against fleas/worms and leave us at 13 weeks with a diet sheet/kitten pack!  


Korshki Captain Jack Sparrow X Fairislebanks Rochbelle

Charlie had one brown spotted boy and one brown spotted girl on 26th June, Shenzi and Bailey are now in their new home together.



Little Boy - Bailey (above) is now reserved.

Little girl - Shenzi (below) is also reserved.


Little boy on the left and girl on the right - 8 weeks old :-)


Little boy - Below aged 10 weeks:


Little girl - Below aged 10 weeks:




Korshki Captain Jack Sparrow X Ch Fairislebanks Billie Jean 


Jeanie had two brown spotted kittens born on 19th August. We have one little girl nicknamed Pudding - now reserved and called Jessie.

Pictures of Jessie to follow!


Korshki Captain Jack Sparrow X Ch Fairislebanks Billie Jean

Jeanie had two kittens on the 13th March, she has one brown spotted boy and one brown spotted girl.  Both are now in their new homes.

Jeanie's Kittens below aged just 2 weeks:



 The little girl 'Phoebe' is reserved for Gigi and Roger, and the little boy 'Benny' is reserved for Jane.

Phoebe in her new home (below)



(Benny pictured above and below)



Previous Litters

Korshki Captain Jack Sparrow X Fairislebanks Rochbelle

Charlie has five kittens born on 24th April 2012. We have three brown spotted girls, one brown marble girl and one brown spotted boy.

Pictures of the kittens are below.

Happy 1st Birthday to Aggy, Pearl, Lola, Mia and Rufus!

Lola is now in her new home with Mark and Laura.

Below aged 9 weeks:

Bengal Girl 1

Rufus is now in his new home with Fiona and his sister Mia.

Below aged 11 weeks:

Bengal boy


Mia is now in her new home with Fiona and her brother Rufus.



Aggy and Pearl are on hold for our future breeding programme. Pictured below aged 4 months:

Bengal kittens



Snowshoe litters:

Glittakitz Oliver X Icycool Chibi-Chyoko

Kizzy had 3 kittens on 3rd May 2012 - 2 girls and 1 boy! The boy is a seal point show pattern. One of the girls is high white (she has one white ear, and white up to her shoulders and hocks) she is available as a lovely pet and the last girl is also a seal point show pattern and she will be staying here. More Pics coming soon!

Snowshoe kitten

Hugo (pictured above) is now his new home with Emma.


We have a one year old Snowshoe girl for sale as a lovely pet. She has one white ear so cannot be shown, but she has a lovely character and is very playful. She has white up to her shoulders and hocks and a wide inverted 'vee' on her face. She is available as a gorgeous pet. Pictured below aged 3 months, pictures to be updated. Please call or email for more details.

Snowshoe kitten


Glittakitz Oliver X Icycool Chibi-Chyoko (all kittens listed below are in their new homes!)

Kizzy had 4 kittens on 3rd April 2011. Two boys and two girls; one seal colourpoint female, one seal show pattern boy, one blue show pattern boy and one blue show pattern girl, 4th generation litter. These kittens are now in their new homes.








Daisy - Now livining with Spats with Simon 


Spats - Now living with Daisy with Simon


Prince - Now living in Sweden with Susanna and Lena


Blue show pattern girl Limari - We are very excited as Limmy is our first 4th gen girl, and first blue show pattern girl! She will be staying with us as a future show/breed queen. As you can see, she loves to pose for the camera!



Past Kittens: All kittens below are in their new homes.

Oliver and Indy had one kitten in April 2010, Kitty.

Kitty Kitty is now in her new home with Pat. 

Gogees Monet X Fairislebanks Rochbelle

Pictures of the litter can be seen here: Charlie's Kittens


This is Charley and Squeaky, two of the boys from this litter all grown up! Living with Gary and Annette.

Oliver and Indy had two little girls in February 2009, Misty and Kally.


More pictures of them can be seen at: Indy's Kittens

Oliver and Kizzy had four boys in April 2009, Jasper, Siam, Barnabus, Vinny


More pictures of them can be seen at: Kizzy's Kittens

Razzledazzle Starlight X Fairislebanks Tamerona had 5 Bengal kittens in 2008, pictures can be seen here: Tammy's Kittens

  • Bengals are registered with GCCF
  • Snowshoes are registered with FIFe
  • Kittens will be reg/vacc/insured 4 weeks Pet Plan/have a 4 gen pedigree/treated against fleas and worms
  • Kittens will have a kitten pack of blanket/sample litter and food/diet sheet
  • All pet kittens will be registered on the GCCF non-active meaning none of their progeny may be bred from. All non-active kittens whether to be shown or pets MUST be neutered at 6 months of age. I will withold all paperwork until a letter of confirmation is sent to me from you and your vet as proof.

Introducing a cat or kitten to your home:

 Planning ahead for the new member in your house is very worth while so here are some points to consider:

1. Make sure you have the same type of food that kitten/cat is used to eating (avoids upset stomach).

2. A clean litter tray should be made ready, also with the same litter that kitten/cat is used to (avoids accidents).

3. A cosy soft bed, and food/water bowls should be prepared in a small room/area where the kitten will feel secure and will become comfortable with you and is eating and using the litter tray well. The room/area allows the kitten/cat to become accustomed with your scent and household noise without wanting to hide in difficult places. They will know this place to be theirs with easy access to food and water and litter tray. Exploration of the rest of the house should be allowed when kitten/cat cries for your attention and runs to you when you visit in their room.

4. If you have other cats and/or dogs then introducing the new member should be done slowly. Give your kitten/cat at least a week in it's room before letting other pets near -- kitten/cat should be confident with you and eating well. This also means that the other pets get used to the new kitten/cats scent. Try to monitor the first interactions between your pets and don't leave your kitten on it's own if the situation is not safe. Upon leaving your house for work etc the kitten/cat should be placed back in the room to avoid any accidents with other pets.

Following these points should make introducing a new member to the family much easier and happier for you and your new pet.