Forgebanks Snowshoes

Glittakitz Oliver

 Adcinsh Snowmagic X Coldenufforsnow Bellacoola

Oliver is our sealpoint Snowshoe stud. He has a brilliant temperament and loves cuddles and fuss. He is an excellent example of the Snowshoe breed, and has an even inverted white 'v', and four white feet, and good contrast between the points and body colour.


Now retired, Oliver is staying with us a beautiful pet.


Icycool Chibi-Chyoko

Coldenufforsnow Whistler X Icycool Maia

This is our lovely lady Kizzy. She is very laid back and sweet. Kizzy is also sealpoint and preferred pattern, with an inverted white 'v', four white feet and clear contrast between points and body colour. She has wonderful type and has done well on the show bench winning BIS Category III Junior in 2008. Kizzy was shown once with TICA gaining a 4th and 6th in two Allbreed rings.


kizzy awards 2


 Kizzy will be retired once she has finished raising her last litter of kittens.

Reference Cats:

Forgebanks Limari 

Forgebanks Zalzi

Fife Champion Coldenufforsnow Aleyska

Indy did extremely well on the show bench and produced a few wonderful litters with Oliver, but it is now time for her retirement. She will be neutered this year and is staying with us to be Granny to kittens.



Forgbanks Kahuna

Glittakitz Oliver X Coldenufforsnow Aleyska

Kally was born in 2009, and is a sealpoint preferred pattern girl. She has now gone to live with her sister Misty and half-brother Vinny with Sian and Andrew.



Forgebanks Fire'n'Ice 

Sonny is our very special Snowshoe neuter. From our first ever litter of Snowshoes by Kharouan Angelique back in 2002, he is Uncle to the kittens. He and his brother Blue were raised alongside a litter of puppies and since then Sonny considers himself to be a dog. He follows us everywhere, comes when called, and enjoys his food!!