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We encourage all owners of our cats/kittens to keep in touch, update us with news and pictures of their lovely kitty. Here are some we have received:



We have received some fantastic photos from Fiona and Jeff who own Rufus and Mia from Charlie and Jacks first litter:





Hi Dawn and Danielle

I just wanted to let you know Spats and Daisy and doing very well and we wouldn't be without them for the world. They've grown so much with Spats being half the size again of Daisy, you always said he's be big.

They are both absolutely bonkers and very noisy. They get on fine with Samson, our black male, who seems to have the patience of a saint with them as they climb and sniff all over him, only giving them the odd clout when he's had enough of them. Cindy , our black and white female, couldn't be more opposite, hissing and hitting them  when ever they're silly enough to get too close, which is most of the time.

They both had their opps yesterday, Spats you wouldn't know it as he was totally fine as soon as we picked him up, Daisey is fine too although hates having the collar on which Spats has great fun in chewing.

Anyway , hope you are both well , I've attached a few pics.

Simon & Sam

Snowshoe kitten spats and daisy

Dear Dawn & family

Max is great fun to have around and likes to participate in whatever we’re doing - especially if it involves water; nothing is more fun than watering the houseplants! Watching the TV is a new thing. I think it started because he heard blackbird song – something he is very familiar with from our garden. So far he is proving to be a rubbish hunter – though he is very good at bringing us leaves and sticks. Smoke on the other hand brings us worms, spiders, moths, birds, rats… and food from other people’s houses (a slice of Yorkshire pudding yesterday!). He is Trouble. Very little seems to frighten him and he loves exploring. Colin spotted him about 30ft up an ash tree stalking some magpies recently.

Max is much more of a home-cat. He follows Smoke around to an extent, but doesn’t seem to roam too far (he is always much easier to find). He is still quite highly-strung but is becoming increasingly affectionate. He seems to be a happy little cat.

I hope all is well with you.

Take care



Dear Dawn,

Both Tiger and Lily show a great intelligence and respond well to the word "no", on most occassions, but there is the usual blip now and again. They react when you call their names which is great it is another dimension to their individual characters.

Lily and Tiger are loved by all the family, because they bring many hours of delight by their deeds such as either chasing each other at great speeds around the home or their need to be a big part of what is going on.

They are both very affectionate in fact they love being stroked all down their backs, when you do this for them they constantly purr. Tiger's purr is strong and loud, while Lily's purr is barely audible!

To summarise they have brought a lot of entertainment and delight to our close family and they are loved dearly.




 Hi Dawn,

The kittens are doing really well, both fit, healthy and bursting with energy. They have started to go out at weekends now but gladly don’t venture out of the garden, we have had to put bells on them because there are to fast for the birds and we didn’t want any presents brought home. They were both fixed and micro chipped last month so were feeling sorry for themselves for a few days, Cheetara had a bit of a hard time as her and Boris teamed up to remove her Elizabethan vet collar and she decided to chew her stitches out, but thankfully she is fine now. 

We have decorated the rest of our house now so they have got their own room with a ceiling high cat tree and more and more toys as every time we go out Jo insists on getting them both a present.

 Jo and Mark

Boris and Cheetara pictured below.



This is Rolo, sister to Tara, Boris and our own Charlie.


Hello Dawn and Danielle
Boomer and Freud have settled in well and seem very happy with us.  There's both eating well and playing vigorously. 
The boys are very mischievous and poke their noses into everything, especially Boomer.  We had many tree-like plants in the room but we've had to move these as they were great climbing toys and simply too tempting.  The final straw was when they crashed to the floor atop a 10ft plant, bringing down several others with them!
In summary, a good first week and they are doing well.

Just to let you know about Charlie and Squeaky after their first week with us. They have settled in very well, in fact they seemed to be making themselves at home after the first day! We have slowly opened up the house to them and they have been busy exploring. We think they are remarkably well behaved and they have a wonderful temperament.

Squeaky may be smaller but he is the ring leader and the troublemaker, often winding up Charlie. They seem to be getting into a routine of having an afternoon kip - they always sleep together. At night they put themselves to bed and we now leave the internal doors open as they have got more used to the place and seem quite content to stay in their bed basket - we got them a big one so they can both sleep in it.

They both love running water, especially Charlie who will get under a slow running tap and have a shower! We got them a water fountain which sent Charlie mental.

They are both great fun and often crack us up with their antics - our neighbour has fallen in love with them. We think they have both grown in the last week. We now feed them from their own bowls as Charlie was pushing Squeaky out of the way when they shared, although we closely monitor how much they get....with the odd treat of a bit of chicken which goes down very

From Gary and Annette

Bengal Boys

Cats June 11 016

Also living with Oscar is Reba, now known as Mrs Freud. Here are some beautiful pictures of her and all cuddled up with Boomer!



We've also received some lovely pictures of Barnabas:


And regular updates from Sian and Andrew who have Misty, Kally and Vinny.